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Fun Stuff

Tom & Jerry Rube Goldberg games


Build Your Wild Self

Switch Zoo


Wacky Web Tales

Make beliefs comix

Enchanted Learning

Story Starters


Game Goo

Draw a Stick Man

Art Pad: Try some painting on the computer. See what you can create. After clicking the link above, click the colorful "art pad" in the middle of the screen.

Be Funky: Take a picture using the computer webcam and play around with how to change the picture.

Fluxtim: Try creating an animation. Click "click here to create a free animation" Note: You may need Mr. O'Farrell to download something on the computer.

Episode Interactive: This is more advance coding activity. Log in using your school google accounts and "allow" it to sign in. Try the tutorial first and then do more if you want.

Virtual Field Trips